Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I just did an impromptu, informal, un-scientific survey of my students, and they informed me that 30-50% of the Juniors and Seniors drink or smoke up regularly, 25-40% of the Juniors and Seniors sleep around, and 90% of the Juniors and Seniors cheat regularly on tests and homework (fairly unanimous on that last one).

Since this is a small, private, Christian school, I can only assume that the percentages in other schools are similar or greater. This is further evidenced by a nifty book I am reading by Jeremy Iversen called "High School Confidential".

All I can say is this: Tune your fiddle, cause Rome's gotta burn.

I should clarify that when I talk about burning, I am not referring to the extra-curricular wrath of an angry God, since I am not convinced that God operates that way.

I refer instead to causality, which, while fairly incomprehensible, still seems to me to be the way things are. If you have ninety percent of the people in a country believing that cheating is a perfectly acceptable way to get what you want, then not only do you have a culture where incompetence continues to rise and rise, but also you have undercut the very foundation - trust - on which all healthy interpersonal relations must be built.

In other words, we're screwed.

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